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 ABC De Luxe Max 

5 Stars of 5 possible!
In an extensive test the TWINJET MAX Finns has just got top character. We have combined an exciting ABC Package with the fantastic finns, the newest mask and snorkel from Scubapro.

 Flipper Set 

Children love adventure, play and water. Buy a Flipper set and your imagination will rise to unimaginable heights the next time you go to the swimming pool or the beach. A swimming cap shaped like a shark's face, even with a real shark fin. The Fancy...

 Snorkel Combo- Jet Sport 

We have put together a snorkel kit that is ideal for snorkelling and diving in temperate waters. The finns are a full foot version of the popular Jet Sports, a Finn who is known for powerful performance. Read more

 Pantai 2 Snorkel Combo 

New colorful fins in a popular snorkel set. No middlemen, therefore we can sell this snorkel packages for an unprecedented low price. A snorkel Combo for your next vacation. Read more...

 Currents Adult Combo 

Cruiser Vented Combo from Scubapro. Include mask and snorkel withwith purge valve and splash guard.

 Cove snorkelsæt 

Seac Cove has been designed for all those looking for a multi-purpose mask, perfect for both recreational scuba diving and spearfishing, without forgetting the snorkeling. The Seac Cove diving mask features two symmetrical Tempe Blue glass lenses and...

 Pantai Combo 

Snorkel Combo of high quality.

 Zoom Combo 

Snorkel Combo of high quality.

 Ocean Junior Combo 

Junior silicone mask with twin tempered glass lens & junior snorkel with purge valve & anti-spay cap and dual material strap type fins. Ideal for children of 6 years and up to learn to swim and snorkel.. Read More...

 Oceo Junior Combo 

Oceo Junior Combo include Oceo Junior mask with silicone skirt and tempered glass,  Oceo junior snorkel and Oceo Junior Adjustable Fins. Supplied in practical and attractive meshbag for ease of storage and transport. Ideal for children of 6 year...

 Spider Set 

Spider kit is a combo with mask and snorkel designed specifically for children.

 Currents Kids Combo 

Currents Kids Combo from Scubapro. Special combo for children. Include mask and snorkel withwith purge valve and splash guard.

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