A700 Second Stage
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Like a diamond, the A700 is forever

Precision  and handcrafted - Construction and design, a unique masterpiece
Metal allows us to make the A700 supercompact without compromising breathing performance (A700 measures 65mm versus 70mm for our outstanding S600). It fits well in your mouth and in your hand. Air balanced valve technology decreases
the inhalation resistance to the lowest possible level, signifi cantly reducing stress and enhancing diver safety by providing smooth, low-effort breathing response, for ample yet controllable quantities of air.

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  • Unparalleled breathing performance
    At virtually any depth, temperature, and diving position.
  • Work of breathing results are below 0.49 J/L
  • Full-metal body
    Components assure best thermal exchange.
  • Compact dimensions for lightweight comfort
  • Air-balanced valve technology
    Decreases inhalation resistance to the lowest possible, resulting in ultra-smooth breathing.
  • Diver-adjustable inhalation
    Enables personalized breathing control.
  • Newly aligned VIVA system
    With micrometric adjustment knob for more precise control and comfort.
  • Super high-flow exhaust valve
    Allows air to exit more freely and lowers exhalation effort-helps keeps bubbles away from face and eyes.
  • CE Approved
  • On Stock

Like a diamond, the A700 is forever. Owning a real diamond, a desire among many, but reserved for the few. Read more ...

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