Fins for underwater hunting and Apnea

In the category underwater hunting, we have placed special fins that have been developed for underwater hunting and free diving. These fins differ from fins for diving in several ways. Among other things. is:

  • Fins for underwater hunting and free diving are longer than traditional fins, often between 60-80 cm. To get the maximum power transfer from the legs to the fins, the length and stiffness of the fin blade are important. An imbalance between muscle strength and blade length or stiffness can cause muscle cramps and remove the joy of this sports activity.
  • There is no adjustment option. The foot pockets should fit snugly around your feet. That is why it is important to choose fins with a foot pocket that exactly fits your feet. It is always a good idea to try the fins with the socks to be used in connection with your water sports / underwater hunting.

You are welcome phone us or visit our store. You can try a large selection of both socks and fins. We are of course happy to supplement with professional advice so you can make the right choice. Underwater hunting.

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 S2 Eco Stereo - Carbon 

Carbon Apnea fin. An high performance carbon and fiberglass fin, for maximum power at a value price.

 Mundial Elite 

Elite blade made of high performance technopolymer that offers top level response and efficiency Central and lateral Mundial Proguide stabilizers over-moulded on the blade to channel water flow and improve trajectory, making it easier to achieve opti...

 S3 Fin Apnea Fin 

The new S3 is the perfect fin choice for freedivers just getting started in the sport. The fin offers a long, soft blade made of a high performance plastic compound. Read more...

 Motus Camo Long Fins 

The Seac Motus long fins are loved by freedivers and underwater fishermen from their first experience thanks to the outstanding comfort of the foot pocket and the ease of finning. The 22° angle between the blade and foot pocket optimizes thrust w...

 Mundial One 

Here are the perfect high quality beginner or long blade fins with all the classic Beuchat quality you expect.

 Talent Fins - SEAC 

The Seac Talent are the special fins with reduced blade length designed for fishing in shallow water and for all divers who dive in waters where the current is stronger. In fact, the Seac Talent fins are 13cm shorter than the Seac Shout scuba diver's...

 Mundial One-50 

Stabilizers integrated to the footpocket tips and to the end of the blade work in combination with the fin’s fish-tail shape to direct water flow, making it easier to guide the blade in the water and achieve a more efficient finstroke.

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