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 300 Bar Druckflasche - Packung zum Befüllen der Luftpistole 

Lightweight 7 Litre 300 Bar Steel cylinder Airgun charging package With purge valve and built in pressure gauge, 0.5 metre long hose with adaptors for use with 1/8" & 1/4" BSPP threaded charging fittings. Supplied complete with cylinder boot...

 7L 200 Bar Druckflasche für Luftgewehr 

7L pressure cylinder for 200 bar pressure, tank valve and airgun charger hose with pressure gauge and purge valve.

 Airgun Charging Valve 300 Bar 

EN-144-1/M25x2 cylinder thread with EN-144-3 type 300 Bar DIN outlet fitting. With purge valve, and built in extra durable pressure gauge. For use with Airgun Charging Set to charge air guns.

 Füllschlauch für Luftgewehr 

Airgun Charging Set with EN-144-1 type 300 Bar DIN cylinder outlet valve attachment. Supplied with 50 cm
flexible hose with adaptors to suit most air guns which require 1/4" or 1/8" BSP Male or Female coupling.
Used in conjunction with Airg...

 Füllschlauch für Luftgewehr 

Standard 50cm long Airgun Charging Hose with 1/4" BSP and 1/8" BSP swivel fittings on opposite ends. Integral anti-kink springs to protect and minimise the risk of damage. Suitable for use with Beaver Airgun Charging Adaptors, Sets and most type of a...


Adapter zum Füllen der meisten Druckluftwaffen wie Druckluftpistolen und Druckluftpistolen