Avoid "white finger", a proof of the body's ability to lead the bloodstream. An improper design or choice of gloves can worsen these conditions. Therefore, a proper selection of gloves as important as the rest of the suit, which forms the thermal protection.
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 Fleece liner 

The Fleece liner has great comfort and is perfect for use with Dry Gloves during the summer months. It has a short and narrow sleeve. This prevents the liner from interfering with the Dry Glove System or seal, which can create leakage. The liner is w...

 Thermo Gloves 

A knitted superstretch thermo glove is the perfect insulation underneath your dry glove. The stretch and soft feel makes them really comfortable even before and after the dive. One size fits all. Read more...

 Si-Tech Drysuit Combo Set 

Drysuit Gloves from Si-Tech.  Complete dry-glove system, with gloves and rings. Hands stay warm throughout the dive, with maintained dexterity even on cold winter dives.


High quality, vulcanized, elastic cuff, latex gloves for use with dry, semi-dry and wet suits. Self-donning, easy and fast to put on and take off. Read more...

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