Full Face Mask
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Why the SCUBAPRO Full Face Mask? For safety and comfort while diving in very cold water, wrecks, caves, or technical diving. The SCUBAPRO Full Face Mask is the appropriate solution for safely using the second air source, diving in a contaminated environment, or using an underwater communication system. Its reduces weight and makes it very comfortable to wear. This is a professional quality full face mask, widely used by military, fire fighters and commercial divers worldwide.

  • Unique separate compartments for nose and mouth
    Facilitates clearing by reducing dead air space and fogging.
  • Direct inhalation with or without internal mouthpiece
    Matches each diver's needs and suppresses jaw fatigue.
  • Exhaust valve located at the lowest point
    Facilitates the purge.
  • Big nose pocket
    Easy hands-free equalization.
  • Top compartment equivalent to a two-lens mask
    Provides a wider field of vision.
  • Mineral anti-fogging treated lens
    To eliminate unexpected fogging.
  • Chemically resistant silicone skirt and mineral lens
    Impervious to hydrocarbons.
  • One hand adjustment straps
    Easy and fast even when holding something.
  • 5 points “spider” strap system
    To perfectly fit the face and comfortably spread strap tension.
  • Very easy regulator(s) DIN connection
    Allows any regulator to be quickly and safely connected.
  • One-way valve optional alternate air source adapter
    Provides an automatic air override for emergency situations.
  • Removable accessory plugs
    Designed to receive underwater communication systems.
  • New metal adjustment buckles
    Entirely stainless steel, quick adjustment, positive locking and release buckles provide safety, comfort and reliability.

Hvorfor benytte en Scubapro "full face" maske? For din sikkerhet og komfort, når du dykker i meget kaldt vann, på vrak, i huler, utføre teknisk eller yrkesdykking. Scubapro "full face" maske er riktig løsning, som tar hensyn til benyttelse av alternativ luftkilde, dykking i et forurenset miljø eller benytter et kommunikasjonssystem.


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