Optisches Glas
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Bifocal lens for Scuba Mask

Is it difficult to read the information on your dive computer or numbers on your instruments when you dive?
Alpha Diving can offer you a solution so you can dive safely. We can provide to install one or two reading fields in your diving masks - "Real" read field which is glued to the inner side of orginal glass on the diving mask, in a quality that you will know from optics.

  • Diopters
    +1,5 to +3,0
    (in 0,5 increments).
  • Correct order
    The glasses ordered separately, but always with a new dive mask.
  • Mounting
    It is important that you inform location. (Right or left eye) E.g. Right +2,0 / Left +2,5.
  • Price
    The price is with out mask and per Bifocal lens.
  • Delivery
    10-14 days.

Ist es schwierig, die Informationen auf Ihrem Tauchcomputer oder Zahlen auf Ihrer Instrumente zu lesen, wenn Sie tauchen? Alpha Diving können Sie eine Lösung anbieten, so dass Sie immer noch sicher tauchen kann.

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