Nordic Dry - A drysuit package
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Nordic Dry - A drysuit package from Alpha Diving

We have put together an attractive equipment package for the demanding diver who wants to dive all year round in Scandinavia. With your own equipment you can experience safe and relaxing dives, without stress. With your personal "Total Diving System", the door opens to fantastic experiences below the sea surface. Only when you have your own diving equipment can you call yourself a diver! To get a detailed description of the individual products, click on the various links.

Pakkens indhold:

  • Mask, Spectra from Scubapro.
  • Snorkel, Fusion Pro from Scubapro
  • Fins, Twin Jet from Scubapro
  • BCD X-One
    X-One is made of powerful Codura and gives a unique longevity. Weighs only 3.3 Kg and is therefore the perfect "travel partner". Prepared for Weight pockets.
    Weight pockets are included in the price.
  • Regulator Packages fron Scubapro consisting of:
    Regulator Set MK17/G260
    Octopus R195
    Octopus holder
  • Dive Computer Aladin H
    Excl. QR connection.
  • Retractor for Instrument console
  • Everdry4 drysuit from Scubapro
    Everdry4 is made of a special "high density" neoprene with better thermal insulation. Everdry4 is soft and comfortable as a wetsuit, but keeps you dry and warm as a dry suit.
  • Rockboots from Scubapro
  • Everflex gloves from Scubapro
    5-finger gloves in 5mm. neoprene.
  • 12L Steel tank
    Scubapro/Faber/Eurocylinder. Long version.
  • Weight
    4 x 2kg Coated Lead.

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An attractive equipment package for divers who will dive year round in Scandinavia. The package include an SSI Open Water Diver certificate. Read more ...

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