It is of vital importance for your safety and comfort that your feet are warm and protected from the cold. Alpha Diving has a large and wide range of boots and shoes. Rock Boots are used for all drysuits with neoprene socks. They protect the dry suit from wear and tear, have a strong and durable sole and are cheap to replace compared to boots for a dry suit. The price of neoprene boots follows the quality. Alpha Diving has opted out of the "useless" in our selection of boots. You will therefore only find high-quality products in our shop. You must pay attention to the thickness of the neoprene used, the inner lining and the thickness of the sole. We are ready to help you with advice and guidance.

In this category you will find great deals on neoprene socks from our largest suppliers. There may be a limitation in number and sizes. Our offer only applies to products that can be delivered.

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 Waterproof B2 - 6,5 mm Boots 

Der Füßling Waterproof B2 besteht aus 6,5 mm starken Neopren. Er hat einen extra langen Reißverschluss für einen bequemen Ein– und Ausstieg. Der Fersen- und Zehenbereich ist verstärkt. Mehr...

 Dry Suit Boot 

Robuste Trockentauchschuhe zur Kombination mit Fjord, Everdry4 und Evertec und allen anderen Trockentauchanzügen ohne feste Boots.