Personal Air Filter
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Personal Air Filter

Used to filter air between compressor & cylinder, fitted with 300 Bar DIN type attachments or with 230 Bar A-Clamp inlet and outlet , maintained using our PAF KIT - Personal Air Filter Service Kit. Reduces possible cylinder contamination from air fills ensuring a long cylinder life. Can be used with Nitrox if O2 cleaned.

  • Inlet
    DIN 300Bar or A-Clamp 232 Bar.
  • Outlet
    DIN 300Bar or A-Clamp 232 Bar.
  • Dimension
    DIN: Ø30 mm x 300 mm - Weight: 892 gram.
    A-Clamp: Ø30mm x 380mm - Weight: 993 gram.
  • Lifetime of cartridge
    Prox. 100 filling of gas cylinders 12L or 12 month.
  • Max flow rate
  • On Stock
    DIN version in on stock. Clamp connection is not on stock and must be expected delivery time of up to 5-7 days.

Used to filter air between compressor & cylinder.

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