Rebel Streamer - Kit
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Suit for kids - Rebel Streamer from Scubapro

Overall and Jacket - A complete solution

Because kids want the same look as their parents, but need specific dive protection features for them, we designed this suit similar to our adult Definition suits.

Rebel Overall:
New Kids steamer with 6mm neoprene offering thermal protection thickness where its most important to keep warm and flexibility where mobility is key, X-FOAM neoprene material, plush interior to keep their small bodies warm and comfy, extralong wrist and ankle zippers make hands/arms/feet and leg entry easier and less stressful, reinforced knee pad with high anti abrasion resistance, new apple green logos, panels and details for a stylish look. Ideal in combination with the Rebel jacket.

  • 6mm X-FOAM neoprene material
    X-FOAM is the only formula which complies with very strict P.A.H. test requirements. P.A.H. (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) are found in many things, including petroleum-based products.
    We are very encouraged to be able to offer this neoprene blend in order to better protect both divers and our seas.
  • Plush interior
    To keep small bodies warm.
  • Extra long wrist and ankle zippers
  • Reinforced knee pad
    With anti abrasion
  • Colour:
    Apple green logos & panels for a stylish look.
  • Sizes:
    S (128 cm), M (140 cm), L (152cm) and XL (164 cm)

Rebel Jacket:
The perfect addition to the Rebel Overall for cold water diving. Made from 5mm X-FOAM neoprene with an attached hood.

  • 5 mm. X-FOAM Neoprene
    With attached hood.
  • Colour:
    Apple green logos & panels for a stylish look.
  • Sizes:
    S (128 cm), M (140 cm), L (152cm) and XL (164 cm).
Size Chart:

Order Size
Chest Waist Hip Height
XS 53-56 46-50 57-60 116
S 57-61 50-55 61-65 128
M 62-65 56-60 66-69 140
L 66-70 61-63 70-74 152
XL 71-74 63-66 74-76 164

Complete diving suit for kids in X-FOAM Neoprene. 6,5 mm overall and 5 mm jacket specially designed for children and their needs. Read more ...

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