Diving in extreme environments

All First Stage from Poseidon and Scubapro are approved for 300bar cold water diving accordance to CE standards. Several models go far beyond the strict requirements and have successfully passed the test under extreme conditions, with water temperatures less than 2 ° C. In this category are also First Stage designed for use in applications where pressure reduction is required, e.g. for argon suit inflation systems.

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 Xstream Deep MK3, Black 

The regulator of choice for demanding divers using air or trimix. Outstanding performance and certified to 200 metres. Read more...

 Scubapro MK25 EVO - First stage: 

MK25 EVO from Scubapro is a regulator system features a high flow first stage with an air balanced high performance second stage chosen by military divers for its durability, simplicity, and reliability.

 Scubapro MK19 EVO first stage 

Scubapro engineers have taken the best features of their previous air-balanced first stages and developed the new MK19 EVO. It features an externally sealed system, preventing water and debris from entering the internal mechanism. Complementing the M...

 Scubapro MK17 EVO - First stage: 

A compact, lightweight, high performance, and versatile overbalanced diaphragm first stage with dry ambient chamber, built for harsh environments.

 Scubapro MK11 - First stage: 

With the MK11 Scubapro engineers have devoloped a diaphragm first stage similar to the MK17 AF, except for the dry ambient champer. It is recommended for sports divers looking for the advantages of a diaphragm first stage in recreational temperatur r...

 Scubapro MK2 Plus 

The SCUBAPRO "workhorse’: MK2 PLUS was first introduced onto the market in 1962 and this classic downstream piston remains as popular as ever, especially in schools and training centres.

 Argon 1. Stage 

For use with air in non-breathing applications, such as argon suit systems. Read more...

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