Scubapro Nova 2100 SF with handle
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Scubapro Nova 2100 SF - Dive Torch
Packages with handle

The powerful new Nova 2100 SF (Spot Flood) multi-use dive light offers both a 65║ wide beam and a 15║ spot beam to perfectly match different diving situations. Five light modes plus an emergency signal mode provide lots of versatility, with one-button control for easy operation. Extremely reliable, the waterproof battery compartment is isolated so even if the O-ring seal fails, water cannot reach the internal electronics. The Nova 2100 SF comes as a set with both a large and a small a Goodman handle, plus a pistol grip handle and a GoPro adapter. Or, it can also be purchased without handles if you want to use it with a video arm system. Both lights come with a wrist lanyard, rechargeable battery, charger and spare parts, all packed in a zippered EVA carry case.

áTechnical data:

  • Length of head
    5.1"x 2.2", 13cm x 5.6 cm.
  • Weight
    15.9 oz / 450 g (head only with battery).
  • Dual beams
    Include a powerful 2100 lumen 65║ wide beam, and 800 lumen 15║ spot beam.
  • Cree XM-L2 LED technology
    Wide beam features 6 Cree XM-L2 LEDs; the spot beam features 1 Cree XPL LED.
  • Bulb life
    35.000 hours.
  • Color temperature
    Flood: CREE XM-L2 LED, 5300 ~ 5700K, bin code 2C or 2D. Spot: CREE XPL LED, 5000 ~ 7000K, kit 53.
  • Five primary light modes
    • 100% Flood
    • 50% Flood
    • 100% Spot
    • 50% Flood + 75% Spot
    • 25% Flood + 50%Spot
  • Hidden emergency signal mode
    Offers a one-second blink interval or a SOS Morse code. Simply push and hold the power button for four seconds to activate.
  • Simple one-button control
    Lets you power on and off, adjust brightness and switch beam angle.
  • Provides 55 minutes of burn time
    At full power and constant brightness.
  • Depth tested
    To 100m/328ft.
  • Corrosion-proof metal light head
    Improves heat dispersion and increases durability. Completely isolated battery compartment protects internal electronics from water intrusion.
  • Body material
    Anodized aluminum light head with fiber-reinforced polycarbonate body.
  • Buoyancy
  • Accessories
    Universal 1⁄4-20 tripod mount attaches to a Goodman handle, Monopod or optional Y-S adapter.
  • Packages
    You can order the packages with or with out handles. Standard version is with out handles.

The Nova 2100 SF packages with handles include:
  • Scubapro UW light head
  • Wide and narrow Goodman handles
  • Pistol grip handle
  • Wrist lanyard
  • GoPro adapter
  • 25w lithium-Ion rechargeable battery
  • AC power adapter
  • Charging tray
  • International plug adapters
  • Spare O-rings, O-ring lubricant, O-ring removal tool
  • EVA carry case with foam insert and instruction manual.

The powerful new Nova 2100 SF (Spot Flood) multi-use dive light offers both a 65║ wide beam and a 15║ spot beam to perfectly match different diving situations.áRead more...

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