SMB - 180 cm Safety Tech buoy
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SMB - 180 cm Safety Tech buoy, from Scubapro

Be seen - even if the distance is great

Scubapro provides a large closed SMB 180 cm high and with a diameter of 21 cm. You can be seen on a great distance and although there are rough conditions on the surface, you do not have to force your safety stop / decompression stops, because you are afraid of not being seen.

The SMB - Safety Tech buoy is designed for technical diving, but is useful on for all types of diving that requires a stop to the surface. The SMB - Safety Tech buoy has dump valve and can be filled in two different ways. The SMB - Safety Tech buoy is provided with strong nylon straps, with a quick release buckles and can easily be connected to a reel or a spool. The nylon straps are also used to keep the buoy when it is rolled up.

  • Dimension
    180 cm high.
  • One way valve
    Can be inflated with the mouth or a regulator.
  • Dump valve
    Secure overexposure.
  • Compact
    For BC or drysuit pocket.

Large closed SMB (180cm high) with a one-way valve and dump valve. The buoy is a necessity to complete a dekompression-stop in a safe way. Read more...

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