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Notebook of 1000 D Nylon with 30 pages that can be used underwater. The pages can be replaced. Wetnotes - A must for Tech Divers. Read more...

 Ultima Dry Glove System 

Ultima DGS - A robust system for your drysuit which keeps it Waterproof - Throughout the dive. Can use directly in all Waterproof drysuits with ISS system, but can also be used for drysuits with fixed latex cuffs. Read more...

 Stage Pressure Gauge 

400 bar Pressure Gauge for stage tank.

 Latex Dryglove HD 

A very comfortable Latex DryGlove with an anatomical design with pre-bent fingers and the thumb at the right place. Read more...

 Orginal OMS Stage Rigging Kit 

This simple but elegant solution provides a reliable and streamlined solution for stage/deco bottles.

 Si-Tech Drysuit Combo Set 

Drysuit Gloves from Si-Tech.  Complete dry-glove system, with gloves and rings. Hands stay warm throughout the dive, with maintained dexterity even on cold winter dives.

 S-TEK Bungee Regulator Necklace 

Flexible, long lasting holding band for back-up second stage to ensure a secure and quick recovery.

 Trigon Pee Valve - Set 

Pee-valve with hose incl. 2 pieces disposable - uridom, blind plug and assembly tool.

 Jone Line incl bag 

With a Jon Line can you easily and securely attach to any anchor line for decompression and safety decompression stops.

 D-Ring - adjustable 

2,1" adjustable D-Ring in stainless steel.

 D-Ring - Stainless Steel Billy Ring 

High quality stainless steel 90° or 45° static billy ring for fixing to webbing.

 D-Ring - fixed 90° 

2,1" fixed D-Ring in stainless steel.

 Blue Gold - O2 Cleaner 

Blue Gold® Approved O2 Cleaner w. rust inhibitor 150ml. in plastic bottle. Non-toxic and biodegradeable.  Blue Gold Cleaner is approved for our specific purposes of regulator, cylinder and valve cleaning for high-pressure Oxygen service.

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