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Triple Instrument Konsol

Three-gauge console with compact, plastic-case pressure gauge, easy-to-read depth gauge and FS-1.5 compass. Perfect for the diver who values convenience, accuracy, and style.

The new triple Console include:

  • Analog depth gauge
    With Water Temperatur.
  • Gauge
  • Compas FS1.5
    Easy to handle with heavy gloves

High Lights

  • Analog depth gauge
    • 0-60 meter.
    • -10 to +60 °C.
    • Oil-filled analog depth gauge with linear Bourdon tube design.
    • Resetting the maximum dept.
  • Gauge
    • 0-400 Bar
    • Red background color 0-50 Bar.
  • Compass FS1.5
    • Easy to read, and easy to use.
    • Mounted in a pressure-resistant oil-filled polycarbonate housing.
    • Tilt Angel 25°
    • This version is calibrated to the Northern hemisphere.

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