Marker buoys are an important accessory in connection with underwater hunting, snorkeling and diving. Buoys indicate to others, your position in the water. Buoys are not only safety, but also an indispensable accessory where you can seek rest, store your catch or attach your extra equipment.

Alpha Diving offers 3 different models. Torpedo buoys, round buoys and boards. Below you can read about the different models.

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 SeaMate Board - SEAC 

Inflatable board designed to accompany underwater hunter to their destination. Allows you to easily get where you’re going and carry your extra equipment. You can also use it when you need to rest.

 Apnea Surface Buoy 

An imperative accessory for safe intensetraining and recreational apnea.

 Alpha - International diving flag for Boats 

Boat sized, 125 x 100 cm 'A' flag with easy to use lanyards and cord locks, designed to allow various options when fixing the flag to a wide variety of points. Internationally recognised to indicate that divers are deployed in the vicinity of your ve...

 International dive flag for freediving for surface buoy 

Scubapro has made a big sturdy surface buoy for divers, underwater hunters and divers. The buoy can suplleres with a large and durable diving flag which is visible at a great distance.

 Torpedo surface buoy 

The Surface Marker Buoy is a must have for training in free water. It's made in heavy nylon design there include flag, Orally inflated. Read more...

 Torpedo Buoy from Beuchat 

Inflatable Torpedo Buoy made of PVC. On the underside of the bouy are 4 powerful PVC eyes for mounting of extra speargun, Spears, water bottle, fish ect. In the front of the torpedo buoy there is an eye for the assembly of the drawline.

 Torpedo Float 

Torpedo Float in heavy PVC design include flag, Orally inflated.

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