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 Trinidad 3 Mask 

The Trinidad 3 commands of the same One-Glass-Design like the Trinidad 2 but a brandnew one-hand, quick-adjust buckle system. You can adjust your mask-strap very easy and the buckles are compatible with the new comfort straps.

 Cove snorkelsæt 

Seac Cove has been designed for all those looking for a multi-purpose mask, perfect for both recreational scuba diving and spearfishing, without forgetting the snorkeling. The Seac Cove diving mask features two symmetrical Tempe Blue glass lenses and...

 Maxlux S mask 

Compact skirt design to fit narrower face shapes Unrivalled panoramic vision. Specific design considerably reduces the internal volume (127 cm3), while offering a panoramic field of vision, a clearer upward view and high luminosity Rimless, with the ...

 Extreme Camo 

Seac Extreme is one of the most comfortable and multifaceted Seacsub masks. The Tubing Connected system features buckles on both sides integrated with the mask frame in order to reduce the pressure on the face during the dive. The special high qualit...

 One Camo 

The Seac One is a mask that has been designed for scuba diving, but is equally at home when being used for Snorkelling, Free Diving and Spearfishing. It is a diving mask with two symmetrical tempered glass lenses, polycarbonate structure and an anato...


The Shark mask has been designed to contain a minimum volume of air while offering an extra-large field of vision. It’s the ideal mask for deep and/or repeated free diving sessions. The mask’s improved hydrodynamics make a real difference...

 Strato - Rubber 

Strato's mask with a small volume, easy to drain, ultra light and gives a great view. Therefore, it is applicable to most underwater activities. 

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