Wreck trip to Anholt
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Wreck trips to Anholt
This page is a general description of the dive destinations in the area around Anholt. You can read about the specific trip on www.alphadiving.dk
For maximum comfort, these trips are limited to six divers.
Practical Information:
Minimum certification:
CMAS** or AOWD with Wreck or Deep Diver Specialty.
Numbers of seat: 6 persons
Minimum signing up: 6 persons

Equipment Requirement:
Each diver: Knife, Sealed Marker Buoy and Torches.
Description of the wrecks around Anholt:
(Generally, bundle out there two dives in the same position)
A German minesweeper at 68.5 meter, 9,2 meter width and 775 gross register tonnage. M403 was building in 1942 / 1943 on a shipyard in Rotterdam, Droogdok. The last journey for M403 was an escort of the submarine U-251 to safe and deep water. As we know to day, it’s failed. 19th. April 1945 British aircraft attached both ship and sank them with rocket and bombs. Today M403 is lying on a dark muddy bottom at 30-36 meter on the port area. The British attach were heavy and total destructive. The damage speaks for itself. Everywhere on the wreck you will find war damage. You can still see canons’, machinegun and ammunition. The visibility will be between 1.5 and 10 meter. It’s possible to make penetrating inside.
Stutthof is a German steam trawler at 38 meter, 7.3 meter width and 222 gross register tonnage, build in 1917 on a German shipyard called J.G.Hitzler´s in Lauenburg. The original name was “Nienstedten”. The 8.th of August, the German Navy need this ship, and seize it.
In the last days of the Second World War, the allied hunt and shut everything there were German. The 5.th of April to British Mosquito found Stutthof and after a short and heavy fight the ship was transformed to a floating burning wreck. Today there is a fantastic beautiful maritime environment around the wreck. Quite often you will see codfish, catfish and coalfish. The visibility on the wreck is normal good. On the bottom at 25-32 meter you will find a very interesting wreck.
19. April 1945 four submarines, and a minesweeper has course towards Norway. At PM 04.00 on position 56.37N, 11.51E they run across at 8 British and Norwegian Mosquito aircraft (Sqdn 235 & 248 & 143). The Mosquito attach immediately. A heavy cloud of 24 rockets were send direct against the minesweeper and the ship were left alone – burning and later it sunk (M403). Same time the aircraft attached U251, she get a serious damage and sunk quickly.
U-251 sunk, 39 seaman’s life gets lost, and only 4 people survived include Oblt. Franz Säck. In memory of the lost seamen, the Danish Navy has blocked all entrance. The wreck is a war cemetery; keep this in mind when you dive there.
The wreck there is 66,5 meter long and 6,2 meter wide stays on the bottom at 35 meters and protrude 8 meter up on the bottom. The high lights are; the tower and screw. There is always a lot of fish around the wreck.

Wreck trip to Anholt. Dive trips to some of the area's most popular wrecks from the s World War II. Wrecks wear clearly influenced by heavy firefight with the enemy. There is limited availability for trips! Do not miss the sign up now!

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