Xstream Deep MK3, Package
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Xstream paket von Poseidon

For demanding diver.

Xstream Duration is the right choise for the demanding and serious diver using air, nitrox and oxygen. Outstanding performance and certified to 200 metres. The Xstream regulator models have been developed based on experience gained from deep diving, cave diving, wreck diving and cold water diving. The different types all share some common requirements on safety through functionality,simplicity and performance. Poseidon Xstream and Cyklon are the only regulators approved by the U.S. Navy for diving in cold water.

Das Paket beinhaltet:

Xstream System Features:
Xstream First stages:

  • Technique
    Rolling Diaphragm.
  • Machined marine grade chrome plated brass body.
    Excellent resistance to corrosion, long lasting.
  • "O4 safe
    Engineered for oxygen, Oxygen compatible, Oxygen cleaned and Oxygen approved.
  • Oxygen, Nitrox and air
    Delivered O2 cleaned and certified.
  • Colours
  • Certified to 200 m.
    Approval Norwegian Norsok U101 standard.
  • Approved to cold water standard
    Complies with EN250, the requirements for diving in cold water.
  • Approved for use under ice diving
    Down to -1,6 °C / 29.12 °F without CWD kit
  •  T.D.A. anti-Freeze System
  • 5 LP and 2 HP-ports
  • Safety Valve
    Integrated in 1. stage.
  • Tank Connection
    M26 (EU) Xstream Duration (Green)
    DIN 5/8"
  • Weight

Xstream Second stage:
Xsteam Duration is designed for divers who spend long time in water and have a need for nitrox or oxygen (99.95%) as a breathing gas. Volume in Xstream regulator is small which minimize the accumulation of carbon dioxide. Inhalation resistance is minimal and given to a mere 0.07 Joule of 150 meters. Performence that no one else can show!

  • Certified to 200 m.
    Approval Norwegian Norsok U101 standard.
  • Technique
  • Low WOB ­ Servo assisted
  • "O4 safe
    Engineered for oxygen, Oxygen compatible, Oxygen cleaned and Oxygen approved.
  • Flow rate
  • Dead Airspace
    The dead air space is low at just 49.5 ml  making CO2 figures (hypercapnia) minimal.
  • Inhalation resistance
    is in-credibly low and unaffected by depth and breathing pattern Because of the unique Poseidon valve technology, there is no need for external adjustments.
  • Anatomic Mouthpiece
  • Xstream Duration (Green)
    Nitrox and Oxygen.
  • Material
    ASA / TPU (thermoplastic) stainless steel and brass treated with chrom.
  • Hose
    Deep: 70 cm hose.
    Octopus: 90 cm hose.
  • Weight

Xstream ist die richtige Wahl für den anspruchsvollen Taucher mit Luft oder Trimix. Regler Set ist unbeeinflusst von Tiefe und Atmung. Hat hervorragende Leistung und ist zu 200 Meter zertifiziert. Lesen Sie mehr ...

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