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Let it be said right away, it is an impossible task to describe all the exciting accessories for BC wings from Zeagle. In this category we have chosen to display the most common accessories we sell with BC wings from Zeagle. If you are missing any accessories that you have seen on, please feel free to contact us.

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 Rear Weight System 16lb 

The 8052Z rear weight system has top and bottom access for easy loading and unloading and has a 16 pound capacity (8 pounds per side). The unique feature of these pockets compared to our longstanding 8051Z rear weight system is the ability to positio...

 Rear Weight System 20lb 

Available as a pair, the 20lb capacity Rear Weight System is found on most of Zeagle's Heavy Duty BCs and can be added to any Zeagle BC that does not come with them. Mounting at the bottom tank band the pockets are dumpable from the bottom and loaded...

 Shoulder Pads 

Shoulder Pads for Std. or Deluxe Harness.

 1 inch Crotch Strap 

The Crotch Strap can be used on all Zeagle Hardplates and any Zeagle BC (Ranger, Tech, etc.) that has a 1" slot at the bottom of the vest section back.

 Split Saddle Strap 

Zeagle Split Saddle Strap attaches to any of Zeagle BCs

 Mounting Plates 

Mounting Plates for Double Tank Bands.

 Bladder Strap 

Bladder attachment strap.

 EZ Mount QD Pouch 

The E-Z Mount QD Pouch can easily hold a signal tube, lift bag or similar object. The zipper attachment allows the pocket to be easily added and removed from the LTD, making storing and refilling your pony bottle a snap. Read more...

 Zip Mount adapter 

The Zip Mount Adaptor is a simple kit that allows you to add any "Zip-Mount" accessory to any Zeagle BC just like the Ranger LTD.

 Mesh Weight Pouches 18 lb 

These optional pouches make loading and unloading your weights with the Ripcord weight system even easier and can accept most any kind of soft or hard weight.

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