Digital 330 Black Version
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Digital 330 Black Version - Digital Bottom Timer from Scubapro

 Scubapro introduce a new design for their bottom-timer. Same model as the Blue verion.

The Scubapro Digital Gauge is a very practical instrument that incorporates state-of-the-art micro-chip technology. Using experience gained during the development and subsequent usage of the Aladin series of computers, the same Scubapro engineers and electronic technicians managed to compile an enormous amount of data into this compact information center. While diving, all the crucial information is displayed in clear figures. After the dive, it continues to display the surface interval and temperature from the last dive until another dive or until 24 hours have elapsed. For the novice diver the Digital Depth Gauge is a precision bottom timer that displays the essential information that is required for the calculation of the dive. For divers who require additional redundancy built into their dive planning, the Scubapro Digital Depth Gauge is ideal as a backup instrument.

  • Automatic turn-on and off
    No need to reset, its automatically ready to dive after a self-test. 
  • Dive depth
    Precision gauge, showing up to 330 m. 
  • Maximum depth displayed
    No mistake possible for the ulterior calculations.
  • Averge depth
    Continiusly updated 
  • Dive time in minutes
    Once 1.2 m deep has been reached.
  • Temperature (water and air)
    To let you adapt your dive profile and decompression.
  • Rate of ascent in %
    If you ascend too quickly, it will advise you to slow down with an upside arrow. 
  • Variable ascent rate 7-20 m/mm as per Aladin dive
    computers to help prevention of microbubbles formation 
  • Surface interval displayed for 24 hours
    Planning of repetitive dives is easy, without any mistake. 
  • Log book of the last nine dives
    To periodically fill up your logbook. 
  • Automatic altitude compensation
    No need for special depth calculations. 
  • 11 year battery life (based on 100 dives/year)
    Reliable for years.

Scubapro introduce a new design for their bottom-timer. Same model as the Blue verion.! Still to 330 m/ 1084ft depth. Read more...

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