Dive Alert Plus
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DiveAlertPlus - 2. Generation

DiveAlertPLUS is a specially designed, small, light weight pneumatic signaling device that uses quick-connect/disconnect hose couplings to become an integrated part of your power inflator. Installation is easy and takes only a moment.

DiveAlertPLUS uses a small amount of air from your SCUBA tank to make a piercingly loud sound in air or water. People have been able to hear a DiveAlertPLUS one mile away from a diver in need above water. In conditions where visibility is limited, a DiveAlertPLUS can be a life saver. Underwater you can sound for attention quickly with a squeeze of the device.

  • Forstandard inflators
    DiveAlertPlus V.2 is compatible with 85% of all power inflators.
  • Maintenance
    After each use, DiveAlertPLUS should be rinsed with fresh water.

Much louder as other signaling devices. With the Dive Alert you can signal over long distances. An indispensable safety accessory for emergency signalling. Read more...

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