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Alpha Diving - Dive Guide

Dive Professional - Dive Guide

This program is using practical application and background information. The goal is to create well-prepared, versatile and marketable Dive Professionals. SSI Dive Guides can lead and guide certified divers. Additionally, after passing the Snorkeling Instructor program, a Dive Guide can teach and issue Snorkeling certifications.

You must be minimum 18 years old at the start of the course.
Be certified as SSI Advanced Open Water Diver or have equivalent qualifications from other diving organization.
Having completed an SSI Stress & Rescue course or have equivalent qualifications from other diving organization.
Have significant experience in the following specialty programs:
Navigation, Night, depth and boat diving.
Before the start of the course, you must prove that you have completed a minimum of 40 dives and have a total bottom time of min. 25 hours.
Have a medical statement which is max.1 years old.
Own equipment.
You must be within the last 24 months, have completed an Oxygen Provider course and a first aid course with CPR part of the instruction, for example. EFR course.
You must have a general good health and be in good shape. See page health.

Before you will be certified as Dive Guide, you must prove that you have completed a minimum of 50 dives and have a total bottom time of 32 hours.

 SSI Dive Guide - Alpha DivingDive Guide certifikat 


Course Content:
The course is divided into two main groups:
Knowledge & Workshop
Exercises in swimming pool / pool.

Course duration is approx. 40 hours, and is too extensive to describe in detail.

Knowledge lessons consists of 6 items:
Dive Guide.
Your role as SSI Dive Guide.
Stress & Rescue.
Management of groups.
Management of dives and specialty courses.
Your future diving career.

Knowledges lessons completed with a written exam with 50 questions that are arranged as "multiple choice" questions. To pass the exam, a minimum of 80% of your answers must be correct.

Practical applications:
Preparation of an emergency plan.
Project assignments.
Problems solution.
Management of students according to the SSI standard.
Dive Guide in a teaching situation.
During the entire training course, the Dive Guide candidates will be evaluated.

Alpha Diving - SSI Dive Guide

Books & Equipment:
Dive Guide Student Manual (GB).
Dive Guide Tab Set
Trainer & Dealer standarder
Buddy Team Slate.
Dive Guide Training Record.
Snorkel Instructor Manual.
Snorkling Manual
Snorkling DVD
Snorkling, Try-Dive, Open Water, Specialty og professionel brochure.
Professionel Binde Incl. Log insert, adress register, risk Awareness. card holder, SSI-Pen
Diploma and emblem.
 SSI Dive Guide elevkitDive Guide elevkit

Completion of the course:
The course is individually planned. Contact us so we can agree how we can plan the course for you.

Qualifications after the course:
As a certified SSI Dive Guide you can work in most of the world as a guide on a tours for certified divers and you can then participate in an SSI Dive Specialist Course.

The recommended maximum depth you should dive for, under conditions similar to those you have had during the course is 30 meters.

The price of Dive Guide course is excl. educational materials and certification fee to SSI.

Divemaster package:
Science of Diving+ Diveguide = Divemaster
Price: 4.995,-
The Price is excl. educational materials and certification fee to SSI. You save DKK.: 495 -

The price does not included meals, accommodation, photos for the certificate and medical statement.

Special price can be achieved by simultaneous registration for the divemaster, Divecontrol Specialist, Assistants Instructor or Open Water Scuba Instructor.

Happens on this page. Minimum payment: Deposit for the course.

Registration and payment:
Your registration in the course is not reserved until we have received your payment and you have received an enrollment confirmation.
See also the "payment".

Passenger transport is not included in the course fee.

Course Dates:
See the course calendar or contact Alpha Diving.

Do you have questions to this course, please feel free to contact us.

 SSI Dive LeaderDive Guide på arbejde

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