Epsealon Exium G2 90 cm - Custom Made Rollergun
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Epsealon Exium G2 90 cm spear gun - Rollergun

Epsealon, bring with its innovative hydrodynamic design of Exium G2 new standards for spear guns. With adjustable trigger and hydrodynamic properties are Exium G2 a spear gun second to none.

Alpha Diving has the incredible popular Exium G2 from Epsealon on stock, also in a modified version, which Rollergun. Rollergun is a "roll system" which is mounted on the end of the spear gun and provides double stretching the rubber band so the force of rubber band is used on both side, the top and bottom.

This innovative design ensures greater impact from rubber bands and makes the spear gun extremely Accuracy. Exium G2 is a spear gun where precision, power and balance goes up to a higher level!

Spearguns Features:

  • Rullergun
  • Body (Barrel)
    Extruded aluminum tube.
  • Anatomic handle
    Ergonomical handle designed with a ideal angle between the handle and the speargun axle.
  • Handle and loading support
    Over molded with a non-slip TPE thermoplastic elastomer for a better grip.
  • Adjustment of the trigger sensibility
  • Safety device
    Are complete in a single left/right lever.
  • 7 mm spear Inox 17-4PH thermical treatment
    For high bending resistance.
  • Line release system
    100% stainless steel mechanism.
  • Sizes
    75 & 90 equipped with notched shaft 6.25mm inox 17-4PH thermical treatment for high bending resistance.

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