Galileo G2
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Galileo G2 dive computer from Scubapro

Ten years ago, Scubapro’s ground-breaking design of its award-winning Galileo dive computer changed diving forever. You simply couldn’t get a better full-featured wrist-mount dive computer… Until now.

Intuitive, reliable and bulletproof, we’ve combined what you love about the Galileo SOL with everything you’ve dreamed of in a dive computer. It’s everything you expect from Scubapro in full colour.

Spend less time reading manuals, and more time enjoying the experience. The G2 makes diving easy.

Easy To Use - Easy To Read - Easy To Love - Easy To Dive

The next generation of Galileo dive computers has arrived

  • Easy To Use
    The air integrated G2 uses the same menu structure, the same simple 3-button control system, and the same diver-friendly functions that helped earn the Galileo its reputation as the most technologically advanced computer available — and also the hands-down easiest to use.
  • Easy To Read
    The high-resolution TFT screen produces vibrant colors and crisp, clean alphanumeric digits that radically increase readability.
  • Easy To Love
  • Intuitive, reliable and bulletproof, Scubapro has combined everything you love about the Galileo with everything you’ve dreamed of in the G2. As vibrant and amazing as the world around you, the G2 stands at the pinnacle of full-featured, full-color dive computing .
  • Easy To Dive
    With the G2 you get the benefit of air integration without the hassle of a dangling high-pressure hose.

    The G2’s integrat ed HR monitor measures heartbeat as well as skin temperature and incorporates both into the workload computations to tailor decompression calculations to your dive.

For Divers Who Want The Best
Loaded with computing, navigation and personalization features you can't find anywhere else, wrist-mount dive computers simply don't get any better than this.

Highlight Features:

  • Color Screen
    • Color Indicators quickly draw your attention to wtat you need to know
    • High Contrast Settings
    • Four different Color Settings
  • Customizable Computer
    • Screen Orientation
    • Mount
      Wrist Mount, Retractor or Bungee.
    • Dive Screen
      Light, Full, Classic, Graphical templates.
    • Color Choices
  • The G2 goes wherever your Diving takes your
    • Recreational Diving
    • CCR Rebreather Diving
      - Setpoint 1 can be selected from 0.2 to 0.95bar which defines the MOD.
      - Setpoint 2 can be selected from 1.0 to 1.6bar. An AMD will be calculated for the setting.
    • Trimix
    • Freediving
    • Side Mount
  • Screen Type
    TFT Full Color LCD.
  • Resolution
    Dot Matrix 320 x 240p.
  • Algorithm
    ZHL-16 ADT MB PMG.
  • Operation Mode
    Scuba, Gauge, Freediving, CCR, Side Mount.
  • Memory
    485MB: 1000 Pictures / Maps / Waypoints plus 1000 Huors of dive profiles
  • Human Factor DivingTM
    The G2 has patented Underwater Heart Rate, Skin Temperature and Breathing monitors. These features will customize every dive based on the Water temperatur, your body reactions and provide you more data that enhances your diving experience and helps you to become a more advanced diver.
  • Full-Tilt Digital Compas
    With partial Compas rose and bearing memory for pinpoint navigation.
  • Nitrox / Trimix
    8 Nitrox / Trimix Gases.
  • Microbubble levels L0 - L9
    Let you adjust the level of conservatism in the algorithm to match your experience level, age and physical conditioning.
  • PDIS (Profile Dependent Intermediate Stops)
    Calculates an intermediate stop based on N2 loading, current and previous dives and breathing mixes for safer diving.
  • Languages
    19 Different language, and still increasing.
  • Maximum operating depth
  • Graphic screen
    For presenting dive profiles, tissue loading, ect.
  • Battery Type
    Rechargeable Li-ion battery.
  • Battery Life
    50 Hours of Dive Time per charge.
  • Battery Replacement
    By Scubapro Dealer.
  • Interface
    • LogTRAK IOS, iPads/ iPhone
    • LogTRAK PC/Mac Software
    • LogTRAK Android
  • Connectivity
    Bluetooth 4.X Low Energy, USB Cable.
  • Air Integrated
    Up to 9 differnt gasses. Provides tank pressure, true remaining bottom time (RBT), and allows air consumption to be factored into the decompression calculation.
  • Dimensions
    2,3in/60mm x 2,8in/72mm.
  • Weight

In The Box:

  • Galileo G2
  • Case for Computer
  • "Read First Manual"
  • 3M Foil
    Screen Protection
  • USB Cable
  • Retractor Clip

For ten years ago, Scubapro created a groundbreaking design with their award-winning Galileo Sol, and from that time the diving computer was changed forever. Until now, you could not get a better diving computer - But now Scubapro is ready with the Galileo G2, read more ...

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