Gas Blender - Extended Range
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SSI Gas blender - Extended Range

Professionel Gas Blender
Gas Blender certifikatThis program teaches the skills and concepts required to safely blend nitrox and helium-based trimix blends for mixed-gas diving. This is a non-diving program that is open to certified and uncertified divers, and teaches the mathematics, physics and techniques required to safely blend breathing gases. You will earn the SSI XR Gas Blender certification.

To participate in a Gas Blender course in Alpha Diving, you must be 18 years or older, be certified Enriched Air diver from a reputable organization.

Course content:
The course consists of 7 theory lessons, 2 workshops and a written exam. You review, among other things:

  • Introduction to the gas blender course
    Including a gas blender's responsibility
  • Gases for diving
  • Safety
  • Oxygen
  • Mixing equipment
  • Filling / mixing methods
  • Diver physics and mathematicsDivesoft Analyser
    Dalton's law.
  • Workshop 1
    Safety and Nitrox blends.
  • Workshop 2
    Trimix mix.
  • Written exam

Theory lessons are concluded with a written exam that is organized as multiple choice assignments. To pass the exam, at least 80% of your answers must be correct.

Combine other Specialty courses with this course! Enriched Air and Deep Diving are exciting courses that can be used with the Extended Range - Gas Blender course. The possibilities are endless, contact us for more information.

Student materials and equipment:
The price includes student materials. (English).

  • Diploma and electronic certificate

Completion of the course:
The course usually takes place on a daily evening. Dates and times can be customized.
The meeting time in Alpha Diving is at. 17:30 if the other is not agreed in writing

We have the opportunity to complete the course as a self-study, private or company course. Contact us for more information.

Qualifications after the course:Nitrox analysator
When you finish the course, your SSI Extended Range Gas Blender certificate and your logbook will identify you as the Extended Range Gas Blender. After the course you will be able to mix nitrox gas with an Oxygen content of more than 40% O2 and trimix mixtures with an oxygen content that corresponds to your certification.

Registration and Payment:
Your place on the course is not reserved until we have registered your payment and you have received a course confirmation.

See also "Payment Terms".

The course price is not included in the certificate or medical certificate, if required.

Course dates:
See course calendar or contact us for additional courses.

The course price does not include consumption.

If you have any questions about this course, please feel free to contact us.

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