Mundial One
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Mundial One
Full foot long fins.

Stabilizers integrated to the footpocket tips and to the end of the blade work in combination with the fin’s fish-tail shape to direct water flow, making it easier to guide the blade in the water and achieve a more efficient finstroke.

  • Material
    Bi-material fin. Technopolymer blade. Thermoplastic elastomer footpocket.
  • Footpocket
    Efficiency and comfort derived from Mundial footpocket technology with reinforced instep.
  • Length
    61cm. (43/44)
  • Weight
    1100g (43/44)
  • Sizes
    Size 39-48.
    On stock in 41/42, 43/44, 45/46 and 47/48.

Here are the perfect high quality beginner or long blade fins with all the classic Beuchat quality you expect.

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