Nordic Tauchpakete inkl. OWD-Zertifikat
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Nordic Tauchpakete inkl. OWD-Zertifikat

We have created an attractive equipment package for the demanding divers who will dive all the year round in Scandinavia. The package is included an SSI Open Water dive certificate. We have combined equipment and training because we know how important it is that you own and dive into your owned equipment. With your own equipment you can experience comfortable and relaxing dive without stress. With your personal "Total Diving System" opens the door to amazing experiences underwater. Only when you have your own equipment you can call yourself to dive! For a detailed description of the individual products, click on the links.

Package contents:

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Ein attraktives Ausstattungspaket für Taucher, die meiste Zeit des Jahres in Skandinavien wird tauchen setzen. Lesen Sie mehr ...

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