Orginal Halcyon Stage Rigging Kit
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Orginal Halcyon Stage Rigging Kit

Streamlined and balanced mounting.
With streamline-shaped and balanced mounting you can handle a bottle just simply.
A stage-tank rigging kit contains; Stainless steel hose clamp and snap hooks, which give safety and good mobility in the completely correct respects. The stage kit ensures that you avoid metal against metal.

The set also includes nylon covers for the stainless steel hose clamp: It gives protection of your diving suit, protect your skin against scratches and minimize corrosion between bottle and hose clamp. A plaited nylon string secures a robust and durable fastening between diver and tanks and at the same time makes possible that you quickly can cut yourself free of the tank if an emergency situation was to arise.

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    Stage Rigging Kit for 7 and 11,1 Liter (80 cuft) tanks.

This simple but elegant solution provides a reliable and streamlined solution for stage/deco bottles.

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