Perfect Buoyancy
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"Jeder Taucher möchte gern ein "guter Taucher" sein. Ein perfekte Kontrolle der Tarierung ist der erste Schritt in diese Richtung."

Improving your buoyancy control skills is highly recommended. Every diver who wants to improve diving skills and at the same time wants to perform active environmental protection should take a Perfect Buoyancy course.

Nearly every diver who wants to dive on great spots on holiday is requested to do a Check-Dive and buoyancy control is one of the essential skills that has to be performed.

This isn't done to stress you out at the start of your vacation. It is done to protect the reefs you will be diving around.

The destruction and harm caused by divers with weak buoyancy skills is having an impact on reefs worldwide. Additionally, perfect buoyancy control is a prerequisite for nearly all Specialty Courses. 


You must be 10 years or older and be certified as SSI Junior Open Water Diver or SSI Open Water (Or equivalent)  You must have a normal healthy life and be in good shape. See page medical Statement.

Course Content:

The theory consists of two lessons, and you will undergo such :

  • The Equipment for Buoyancy Control

  • The Basic Knowlege of Buoyancy

  • Controlling your Buoyancy in the Water

  • Perfect Buoyancy Control as an Active Contribution to the Underwater World.

Peak Performance Buoyancy course includes 2 dives into the sea which takes place over one day.

Books & Equipment:

You will receive a complete set of training materials, consisting of:

  • Course book in English

  • Medical Statement

  • Diploma

Organisation of the course:

The course is held over two evenings. Normally the weekdays. Dates and times may change, depending on weather conditions. Max. 6 participants per group. instructor.






Kl. 09.00 - ca. 11.30


Transport to the divesite

Kl. 11.30 - ca. 12.30


2 dives i Open Water

Kl. 12.30 - ca. 16.00


This course is also implemented in other diving activities. Contact us for further information.

Qualifications after the course:

Once you have completed the course, your Perfect Buoyancy Diver certificate and logbook identify you as specialty diver. You will after the course be able to rig your weight system correctly, use visualization techniques for relaxation, conduct controlled ascent, demonstrate efficient swimming technique and master neutral buoyancy - hovering, using breathing techniques. After the course you will be able to plan and implement safe dive.
The recommended maximum depth you should dive to, under conditions similar to those you have had during the course is 18 meters or 30 meters depending on the educational level before the course starts.

Perfect Buoyancy course may be included as one of the five specialty courses required to obtain SSI's highest certification level for divers in recreational diving - SSI Master Diver.

Perfekt opdrift indøves i pool
eller på lavt vand

Registration and payment:

Your participation in the course is not reserved until we have registered your payment and you have received an enrollment confirmation.

See also the "Terms of Payment".

The fees are not included pictures for certificate or medical certificate, if required.


Passenger transport is not included in the course fee


Course dates:

See our Course Calendar.


Do you have questions to this course, please feel free to contact us.

"Jeder Taucher möchte gern ein "guter Taucher" sein. Ein perfekte Kontrolle der Tarierung ist der erste Schritt in diese Richtung." Lesen Sie Mehr...

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