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The Ranger LTD BC— An Ultimate Package for the Ultimate BC

The New Ranger adds even more advantages to a great BC system.

The new Ranger LTD now comes standard in Black or in Smoke Gray, a good looking, rich color that compliments any suit or other gear color combination. The shoulder is designed with the new super duty Airloc buckle that will swivel to adjust the harness to the body’s contour to eliminate binding and restriction of movement at the chest and underarm areas. With the addition of harness type webbing and a new threading arrangement the diver can easily add more D-rings and other accessories conveniently on the shoulder. This feature will now allow the technical and accessory minded diver to further set-up his BC to what he needs for the type of diving he is doing. We have also added a right-hand shoulder dump with a pull knob located conveniently on the inside edge of the right shoulder pad. The dump valve acts also as an additional safety overpressure valve

Standard Ranger Features:

  • 44-LB lift capacity Ballistic bladder
    (standard, other capacities available as options)
  • 30-lb capacity Ripcord® weight system
  • 20-LB capacity rear trim weight system
  • PFS Modular Sizing
  • Heavily reinforced 1050 denier Ballistic nylon construction
  • 11" grommets for mounting twin cylinders
  • Expandable zippered utility pocket
    On front of vest
  • Two Zippered utility pockets
    At sides.
  • Adjustable elastic waist panels
  • 4 Stainless angled D-rings on shoulders
    Two adjustable
  • 2 Stainless D-rings on vest
  • Adjustable Sternum Strap
  • Single or twin tank capability
  • Color
    Black or Smoke Gray. Only on Stock in Smoke Grey.
  • Sizes
    XS-XL and Custom.
  • Dry Weight
    9,5 lbs

Added features of the Ranger LTD. 

  • A lumbar pad is permanently mounted in the rear of the vest section.
  • The Removable rear weight system (8051Z) is included.
  • A pair of 18lb capacity shot pouches are included.
  • An extra set of vertically mounted D-rings are positioned ideally for mounting extra cylinders or accessories.
  • Two additional 1.5" D-rings are located at the bottom rear of the vest.
  • The Tank Bands are designed so they can be lengthened to hold twin cylinder sets.
  • A Zipper attachment system mounted inside each wing of the bladder allows for the attachment of a variety of carriers and accessories, including Pony bottle carriers, Spare Air carriers, extra pockets, and grommet panels.
  • Accessories can be easily changed for different diving requirements. Check out some of the currently available accessory attachments and other features below! 

Offers only apply to products that are in stock

Zeagle's modular construction allows the Ranger to transition between tropical travel diving, rugged cold water diving in wet or dry suits, single or twin cylinders, and even technical diving! Read more...

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