Rebreather BCD
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Poseidon’s Rebreather BCD is the first of its kind featuring integrated exchangeable lungs, a weight system and the Poseidon individual patch system.

The Rebreather BCD is constructed to the highest quality and durability using ballistic nylon, YKK zippers and hand crafted detailing. Available in 4 colors.

Are you new to rebreather diving or just prefer a BCD over a wing? Then the Rebreather BCD is the perfect buoyancy compensation device for your Poseidon MKVI experience. A durable and high performance BCD with integrated lungs, which will make you feel even more connected to your machine and the breathing loop. The four D-rings make it easy to attach a bailout tank or anything else you would like to take along. The integrated exchangeable lungs can easily be taken out and cleaned and attached again. With the individual path system you will have the option of personalizing your Poseidon Rebreather BCD


  • Integrated Counter Lungs
  • Integrated weight pockets
  • Integrated pockets
  • 3 dump valves
  • 4 D-rings
  • Pouch case for crotch strap
  • Velcro for patches or display gauntlet
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Soft comfortable cover on the backplate
  • YKK zippers
  • Size and Buoyancy
    XS 80N
    S 90N
    M 100N
    L 110N
    XL 140N
    This BCD is only intended for use with the Poseidon MKVI rebreather with 2X3 liter cylinders.
  • Color
    Blue, Red, and Grey. (Codura 1000)
    Black. (Nylon 1680)

  • QRM eller 11" adaptor
    To attach the BCD to your Poseidon canister house use these adapters.
  • Rebreather Display gauntlet
    Poseidon makes it easy to keep up with your display. With our gauntlet, it’s securely placed on top of your hand.
  • Protection Handle
    Protection Handle is popular because it protects your e-module from getting damaged while also making your Poseidon Rebreather easier to carry. 
  • Wingmann
    Keeps your bailout cylinder close and in a protective case. 

Are you new rebreather diver or just prefer a BCD instead of a wing? So is a Rebreather BCD from Poseidon the perfect choice. Read more ...

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