Scubapro Master Jacket
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Master Jacket BCD from Scubapro

The Master Jacket is designed with internal passageways that allow air to flow unrestricted and accumulate at the jacket's highest point. It also offers impressive lift capacity in all sizes, and provides a "face-up" body position on the surface. Because of this, the Master Jacket has been certified as a Combined Buoyancy and Rescue Device (CBRD). It is the stabilizing jacket of choice among commercial and military divers, dive instructors, and advanced divers.

  • Strength and durability
    Constructed of a combination of polyester and soltane for strength and durability.
  • Double bladder construction
    Extremely resistant and durable construction. A radio frequency welded polyurethane inner bag protected by a 840 Denier polyester external bag to ensure high mechanical and abrasion resistance.
  • Adjustable 50mm harness
    Transfers load of heavy tanks onto the stable nylon strap system.
  • CBRD certified stabilizing jacket
    Three dimensional buoyancy control with unparalleled level of comfort and stability. Inherent level of safetythrough “face up” positioning at the surface.
  • Padded back pad
    Enhances comfort during long dives.
  • Padded cummerbund and shoulder area
    This fast drying padding gives ultimate comfort in and out of water.
  • Delivered with Scubapro Balanced Power Inflator 2016
  • 3 Dump valves
    Two shoulder valves plus one rear dump valve ensure perfect buoyancy control in any position. Includes Scuba Control Dump Valve on left shoulder.
  • Optional 0.47 liter tank and adaptor
  • 4 Stainless steel D-rings
  • 2 Self-draining flap pockets
  • Photoluminescents patches on shoulders and pockets
  • Elastic loop on the right shoulder for flashlight attachment
  • Sizes
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When talking about the Master Jacket, safety, durability and comfort are the master words. This BC is the choice of commercial divers and instructors for intensive use.

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