SD Combat 7mm
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SD Combat from Waterproof

SemiDry 7mm Black with Dual Pockets

This suit is based on designated military specifications. The Swiss Army, the Portuguese Marine forces and some Special Police forces are equipped with this suit. This is an all black combat style suit with two expandable Power Pockets on the thighs. Features include an anatomical design, super-stretch neoprene seals and unique 3-Dimensional hard-core rubber Knee Guards to mention just a few.

The SD Combat equipped with a metal non-mag dry zipper (military spec) bridges the gap between a Drysuit and a Wetsuit. Dry enough to keep the diver warm in colder water, yet still with the snug fit and nice feeling of a high-class wetsuit. Facilitates longer dives in warmer environment and lower air consumption due to less heat loss.

  • IncludesH1 5/7mm H.A.V.S hood
  • 100% Microcell CR Neoprene
    More expensive but in fact the only neoprene that really works for diving. Excellent durability and insulation far better than other Neoprene qualities, like SBR, SCR etc.
  • 3D Knee pads
    3D moulded vulcanized rubber kneepads. Note the unique design that enables unrestricted leg movements via the "hinge effect".
  • A Seat that grips
    Polyurethane embossing in the back provides a non-slip grip and integrated abrasion protection.
  • Anatomical Sculpting
    Prebent arms and legs provides a perfect anatomical fit.
  • Bonded High Quality Nylon Thread
  • Chill Guard
    Keeps bodyheat in the suit.
  • Comfort Zipper
    Fully gusseted "Comfort Zipper" to relieve stress on the surface.
  • Double Seals
    Generous double seals made from glide skin neoprene with zipper at arms and legs. YKK #10 Vislon zipper features a TA slider with an anti slip designed ZipGrip.
  • Dry Zipper
    Gas-proof zipper with chill guard, horizontally cross the shoulders makes the suit dry and warm. Note the zipper cover that protects the Dryzipper.
  • Dual Convertible Power Pockets
    Two expandable Power Pockets on the thighs. Features D-Rings close to the opening.
  • Glideskin Seals
  • Hidden Internal Pocket
    For secret items.
  • High Visability 
    Reflective logo on the neck.
  • Neoprene Neck Seal
    Soft and comfortable GlideSkin neoprene neck seal.
  • PU Reinforced Shoulders
    Critical area abrasion resistance.
  • Toughtex
    Laminated SD ToughTex nylon coating on elbows and knees for extreme durability. Best way to armour your suit.
  • Wave Flex Panels
    In hollow of arms and legs provides an easier movement.
  • Zipper Grip
    An Antislip designed knob for enhanced grip with or without gloves.
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This suit is based on designated military specifications. This is an all black combat style suit with two expandable Power Pockets on the thighs. Read more...

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