Sea Buff
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Sea Buff™ from McNett

Special dive mask pre-cleaner or slate cleaner. Sea Buff carefully removes the silicon residue which exists on all new dive mask lenses due to the manufacturing process. Removal of this residue ensures that future applications of Sea Drops™, Sea Gold™ or Sea Quick anti-fog products are more effective.

Keep your dive masks clean and ready for anti-fog treatment. Pre-cleaning with Sea Buff is step one to the clearest underwater vision and the best underwater adventures.

  • Content 1 1/4 oz.
  • Also Slates cleaner

SEA BUFF™ from McNett is a NEW, paste form pre-cleaner for use with new dive masks. Most brand new dive masks come with residual amounts of mold release agents or other chemicals and coatings as a result of the manufacturing processes. Aquaseal brand SEA BUFF has been specially formulated to remove these chemicals and coatings and to prepare the surface of the new dive mask for use with Sea Drops.

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