Silicone Neck seal
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Silicone Neckseal from Waterproof

Latex Is History

Waterproof developed the Silicone Seals
For too long latex seals have been the biggest problem in drysuit diving. You are never sure what state they are going to be in until you open your dive bag. They are easy to rip and prone to deteriorate from factors such as the sun/UV rays, chemicals and ozone. The Silicone Seal will set a new industry standard. With Waterproofs new Silicone Seal there is no chemical or environmental sensitivity and they have 40% better stretch than latex seals. The elasticity makes donning the suit much easier and it seals with your skin more effectively. Since the pressure is lower on the wrists your hands will stay warmer. The comfort really is enhanced during long technical dives and decompression stops.

  • Hypoallergenic medical grade silicone
    No latex allergy
  • More stretch than latex seals
    Extreme durability.
  • Superior Tear Resistance
  • Ease of Donning/Doffing
    No talc or powder necessary.
  • Easy replacement
    With Waterproof or SI TECH Neck systems.
  • Sizes
    • Larges
      Neck seal, standard (neck circumference 28-37 cm*)
    • Small
      Neck seal, small (neck circumference 22-30 cm*)

Notes: *The measurements can not be directly compared to latex because the silicone is different in flexiblity.

Note! Silicone seals can not be glued to the suit and must be installed with a SI TECH Neck systems.


Extremely flexible - tremendously increased well being, one size fits a wide range of necks. Less strain to neck. Great material stability - better against ageing and UV light. Read more...


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