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 S2 Eco Stereo - Carbon 

Carbon S2 Eco Stereo eine Flossenblatt besteht aus Kohlenstoff und fiberglass. Sie bietet maximale Leistung und eine Steifigkeit, die von vielen Tauchern bevorzugt. Weiterlesen ...

 S3 Fin Apnea Fin 

Suchen Sie eine einfache und leistungsstarke Flosse für einen angemessenen Preis, gibt es hier. Lesen Sie mehr ... 

 Motus Camo Long Fins 

The Seac Motus long fins are loved by freedivers and underwater fishermen from their first experience thanks to the outstanding comfort of the foot pocket and the ease of finning. The 22° angle between the blade and foot pocket optimizes thrust w...

 Mundial One 

Here are the perfect high quality beginner or long blade fins with all the classic Beuchat quality you expect.

 Shout S700 Camo 

Spearfishing, apnea, freediving. If you are looking for long fins that meet all your passions, with Seac Shout you have all the safety of a quality product that is Made in Italy and able to offer great performance. The Seac Shout fins are appreciated...

 Talent Fins - SEAC 

 Mundial One-50 

Stabilizers integrated to the footpocket tips and to the end of the blade work in combination with the fin’s fish-tail shape to direct water flow, making it easier to guide the blade in the water and achieve a more efficient finstroke.

 Fin Retainers 

Superb Lösung zur Prävention Flossen lockert und Ablösen bei intensivem Gebrauch.