X-TEK Donut Wing 27Kg (60 lbs)
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This product was added to our catalog on Friday 26 November, 2010.
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X-TEK Donut Wing 27Kg (60 lbs) - Scubapro

  • Unprecedented buoyancy control
    Provides unprecedented buoyancy control regardless of diving position.
  • 1680 DEN Ballistic Nylon outer shell
  • 420 DEN Nylon inner bladder
  • Scubapro BPI
  • Tek Inflator with stainless steel buttons
  • Buoyancy
    Donut Wing with 27 kg* (270 Lift N) Max. tank size 2x12L)
    * Applies only for Bladder with Inflator.
  • Lift capacity
    Available with 13, 18 or 27 kg lift capacity.
    Will be on stock in 27 Kg.


  • X-TEK Pure TEK Harness
  • X-TEK Pro Harness
  • X-TEK Comfort Harness
  • X-TEK Backplate
  • X-TEK Single Tank Adapter
  • X-TEK QR-Weight Pocket
  • X-TEK Soft Travel Backplate
  • X-TEK Backplate Storage Pack
  • X-TEK Crotch Strap
  • X-TEK Shoulder Pads
  • X-TEK Accessory pockets
  • X-TEK Counter Weight pockets
  • Surface marker buoy pouch
  • Stainless steel bands
  • Stainless steel snaps 


New X-TEK Donut wing. Three different sizes.

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