D7X Cordura
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D7X Cordura - Drysuit from Waterproof

Since it’s introduction the Waterproof D7 has been the prime choice of drysuit within the advanced diving community. Even though the Waterproof D7 was a modern and extremely well-performing drysuit, the R&D at Waterproof decided to give it a major overhaul. Recent development in material and enhanced polymer science has made it possible to perfect the Waterproof D7 concept. Changes were made to make diving in challenging environments a more pleasurable and effortless experience. A reshaped and slimmer fit resulting in a less bulky drysuit. New longer and curved zipper, placed higher up on the shoulder to enhance upper body movement as well as providing effortless donning and doffing in an effort to boost the overall diving experience. The zipper is protected by an improved Outer Coil Zipper No.10 with fabric backing, ensuring the functionality of the drysuit and safety of the diver. Wrist seals are equipped with the SI TECH QCS ring system optimised for the use of the ULTIMA dry glove system. Improved boots utilising a newly researched and hardcore tested rubber formula. In addition, the rest of the external add-ons like pockets and abrasion areas have received a well-deserved face-lift, making the Waterproof D7X the most modern drysuit on the market.

Product Features:

  • Heavy Duty Cordura Reinforced Front-Zip Tri-Lam.
    Complete outer-lining in Cordura Textile, providing exceptional abrasion and tear resistance. Single stitched and single taped for improved mobility.
  • Anatomical sculpting with a slimmer fit
    The D7X is slimmer and less bulky than the former D7 PRO. All critical parts concerning movability, like arms, legs and torso have been anatomically designed to enhance the liberty of action.
  • SI TECH Quick Neck
    The neck is equipped with SI TECH’s QUICK NECK system and comes with WP’s Silicone Neck Seal. Extremely comfortable and easy to change. Latex and Neoprene seals are also compatible.
  • SI TECH QCS ring system
    Equipped with the SI TECH QCS ring system optimised for the use of the Ultima dry glove system. WP’s Silicone Seals are pre-installed. Extremely comfortable and easy to change. Latex seals are also compatible.
  • Warmneck
    The unique Warmneck solution from Waterproof keeps you warmer because of reduced water movement around the neck. Equipped with water drain valves and velcro tabs.
  • Dual convertible Power Pockets
    Heavy Duty expandable pockets allow you to easily choose between huge capacity or slim profile pockets. 10% smaller than D7 PRO and equipped with a lid grip, stainless Aisi 316 D-ring and double cord loops.
  • Anatomical Kevlar® reinforced boot
    Angled for the best mix of durability and performance, manufactured in a new hardcore tested rubber formula. Kevlar® reinforced front. Moulded fin strap anchor.
  • Kevlar® reinforced knee pads
    Military Graded DuPont™ Kevlar® fibre reinforced knee pads.
  • Telescope torso
    Newly designed suspenders and the adjustable torso system enables the diver to fit the suit to their liking.
  • Long and curved BDM metal-dryzipper
    Longer and curved for easy entrance and enhanced upper body movement.
  • Heavy-duty zipper cover
    Outer Coil zipper No.10, with fabric backing protecting the dry zipper.
  • A seat that grips
    Polyurethane embossing provides a non-slip grip and abrasion protection.
  • SI TECH valves
    Swivelling inlet valve and an adjustable automatic outlet valve. Provided by SI TECH.
  • Warm cuffs
    The arms are equipped with detachable warm cuffs that minimize heat loss at the wrists. Just put the glove underneath the cuff and close it.
  • Moulded hook and loop fastener tabs
    For adjusting the Warmneck and warm cuffs, Waterproof uses moulded TPE tabs with Japanese loop plush for maximum hold and good looks.
  • Including a spare set of WP Silicone Seals
    One extra Silicone Wrist Seal and one extra Silicone Neck Seal is included.
  • Plastic-free packaging
    100% plastic-free packaging in accordance with our vision of no more plastic in the oceans.
  • Sizes
    D7X Cordura comes in the following sizes:
    Unisex version (Man): XS, S, M, M+, ML, ML/t, L, L+, XL, XL/t, XXL, 3XL, 3XL/t+. Available on stock: M-L-XL.
    Download pdf file, use this link: Size chart.
    Ladies  version: XS, S, M, M+, ML, ML/t, L, L+, XL. Only in stock by agreement.
    Download pdf file, use this link: Size chart.

The D7X Cordura drysuit delivered with:

  • Cordura bag
    Waterproof 1000 Cordura bag which can be carried as a backpack
  • Suspenders and a low pressure hose
  • Spare kit of Silicone Seals


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