Ultima Dry Glove System
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Ultima DGS - Dry Glove System

New Dry Glove Systems from Waterproof

There are many dry glove systems available in the market for advanced drysuit divers. Waterproof tested them all and analyzed the pros and cons of each system, trying to find ways to improve and adjust an existing, decent working model into a better performing system. Waterproofs criteria is that it has to be easy to mount, dependable, not too bulky, and fit into the existing Waterproof arm design.

Waterproof found a 20 year-old patented system that matched our criteria. We evaluated it and worked on solutions. The company that owns the patent was willing to listen to our ideas and work with us to improve and manufacture the resulting design. The result is the new Ultima Dry Glove Ring System. It fits directly in all* Waterproof Drysuits with Integrated Silicone Seals, ISS. And it can also be mounted to all drysuits with fixed latex seals. The Gloves are easy to mount before diving. You can see, hear, and feel when the ring connects properly or when you disconnect it. This system is as close to "fool proof" as it gets! The solid rings on the suit and gloves can easily be mounted in advance. The Ultima system can be attached to all drysuit Latex seals to achieve a complete dry glove system.

  • Glove Ring
    This part is mounted on the Dry glove.
  • O-Rings
    O-rings for connecting the Ultima system to a suit with latex seals, and to mount the dry glove to the glove ring.
  • Silicone cover
    The silicone covers holds and protects the dry glove on the glove ring.
  • Suit Rings
    This part is mounted into the drysuit and holds the wrist seal. It fits directly in all Waterproof drysuits with ISS (Integrated Silicone Seal) system. (except the size 3XL, 3XLt+)
  • Gloves and silicone seals are not included

*The Ultima Dry Glove System does not t directly into size 3XL, 3XL/t+ due to larger wrist rings. For these sizes we recommend the Quick Glove system from Sitech.

One set contains:

  • Two suit rings
  • Two glove rings
  • O-rings
  • Two silicone covers
  • Lubricant and tool

Montage: Watch video, use this link

Ultima DGS - A robust system for your drysuit which keeps it Waterproof - Throughout the dive. Can use directly in all Waterproof drysuits with ISS system, but can also be used for drysuits with fixed latex cuffs. Read more...

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